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Songs of the Spirit Circus!

  • By Beck Photography

A production by the 4th graders at PMFS


I think this was the most fun assignment I have given myself in years!  Each year the 4th graders at Plymouth Meeting Friends School put on a circus in March.  As parents of these fourth graders, we are asked to help out either with set design, publicity, food, or what ever is needed.  I decided that it would be fun to visit circus practice once to shoot a bit and give the images to those who needed them for publicity. This one visit turned in to five, which then turned into a slideshow, a 9X12 hardcover book and then finally 16X20 black and white portraits of each child to hang in the lobby so that guests can see the stars of the show!  Kids are great, in their excitement, innocence and complete comfort in front of the camera, and I was reminded of that as I edited the shoot.  I don’t generally make portraits of kids, but I just may start.

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