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About Us


What about us?

Capturing the true sense of a person who sits in front of my camera has been my life’s work.  My approach has been described as unobtrusive, efficient, experienced, connecting, reassuring.  People have said that my images are full of life, sensitive, and capture the essence of the subject. But recently, it has become evident that my lifestyle photography is more than just mine – it’s grown into a collaborative effort which involves all the creative and fun people who work with me on location and in the studio.  So I dropped the Laurie and am now Beck Photography, which is me, Laurie; Rie, my senior designer and workflow expert; Greg, my web designer; Kim, my intern/ turned assistant and second photographer in training; and Margaret, my freelance studio assistant.  

Together, we are Beck Photography.

Clients from all walks of life and areas of the industry have hired us to make images for their latest ad or lifestyle brochure; to create a portrait for the book jacket of their newest release; or to have their wedding, event or press release documented. The team at Beck Photography works together to deliver impactful images.  On location, we utilize the most experienced crew of hair, make-up and wardrobe stylists, assistants and techs available, seeking out and engaging local talent in every geographic region.  

In addition to my work with Beck Photography, for the past eight years I have been teaching non-silver alternative processes at University of The Arts and Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and exhibiting my fine art photography in galleries around the country.