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Shark Week!

  • By Beck Photography


I spent last week on vacation with my extended family, all smashed into one beautiful condo overlooking Canandaigua Lake in The Finger Lakes.  Every summer when we are together, there is always media coverage of some event Read more…



Philadelphia School Closings Photo Collective

  • By Beck Photography


I found out from a FaceBook friend that Zoe Strauss  has put out the call for other photographers to each choose one of the 24 schools slated to be shuttered and document its final days.  Germantown High School is in my neighborhood so of course I said I would try to navigate my way through the School District and get clearance to shoot. Being married to a Philadelphia Public School teacher and hearing almost daily, the stress, sadness and anger that is running through our school kids and staff regarding these cuts and the lack of funding, it seemed that this was one thing I could do to help preserve some of what is being taken away.  I hope to begin shooting next week and will post my photos.  Some photographers have gained access to a few schools and this is an image by Pilar Berguido of University City High School.  More is written on this story Dale Mezzacappa at The Notebook.

Photo: Pilar Berguido

University City High School is one of 24 schools that will close at the end of the school year.