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  • By Beck Photography



The photography industry is changing at such a rapid pace. It can feel like at times photographers are making adjustments to their equipment and how they take pictures every week or two, or are caught up in a battle between cameras and i-phones or i-pads. But when you really analyze what  good photography is comprised of, it is well composed, technically solid and evokes a mood or feeling from the viewer that makes them want to get in touch to discuss the details of their next project, headshot, annual report, wedding or event. Good photography is good photography. What matters is how we as photographers get our quality images in front of our clients, or those who we would like as clients. The best way I found to do that was to strengthen my business presence and eliminate confusion. Masters Group Design worked with me to tie loose ends together, bringing several websites with different names together as BECK PHOTOGRAPHY. My rebranding was featured on Monday Mark’s last week.


Beck Photography, Philadelphia, PA

After years in existence operating two websites under two different names, Laurie Beck decided to rebrand her photography business under one name—strengthening its presence and eliminating confusion. Seeking a more definitive visual identity, she reached out to us to create a mark that established Beck Photography as a seasoned, professional company. Her request was that the visual communicate a current, yet timeless aesthetic that avoided looking too cutesy, feminine or home-spun.

We approached this project with a tremendous advantage. Laurie Beck is an official MGD collaborator and, having worked with her for years, we had a pretty good sense of how a mark could capture her strengths. Our goal was to communicate her experience, discriminating eye and ability to use light in ways that significantly distinguish her from the pack. Since Laurie’s magical images are often shot in available light, symbolically representing f-stops on a lens was a natural way to represent her technical ability. The bold display of the name further signals confidence, certainty and the clarity with which Laurie approaches her creative work. The visual components of the mark make an indelible impression, just like Laurie’s photos. Click to see the full VISUAL IDENTITY.

“My goal in asking MGD to create an identity, was to bring all aspects of my photographic work under one name, with a unified look that functioned for my diverse client base. They met this through their thoughtful process of questioning, listening and their fine sense of design. Turns out they knew me better than I knew myself!”
—Laurie Beck