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Giant Mobile Camera Obscura

  • By Beck Photography
Tyler School of Art, Giant mobile camera obscura, collaborative art, Laurie Beck Peterson

I was searching the hallways of Tyler School of Art last fall, for the perfect room to convert into a camera obscura and came up empty handed. When I introduce pinhole to my photo process classes, I have always turned a room into a walk in camera so students can experience on a large scale, what I am asking them to build on a much smaller scale. I was really kind of bummed that I couldn’t give them the “wow factor” that other first time pinholers have experienced. Then I bumped into my friend Stephen in our local food coop and told him about my dilemma. He teaches architecture at Tyler and understood my pain so while blocking the isles near the bagels, we decided to collaborate with our students and build our own camera. 7 feet tall, 5 feet wide and 9 feet long…..with wheels! Read more about it!



Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019

  • By Beck Photography

                                                                                                                           © 2018, gum bichromate print

Thank you my dear clients, new and old, for making 2018 a wonderful year. I look forward to working with you again in 2019.

Welcome to new 2018 clients –


Francis Cauffman


Prudent Management Associates

Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

Friends Select School

CIC Philadelphia – Cambridge Innovation Center

The Germantown Jewish Center