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First Friday Five 4 – 5 more useful tips about photography

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fff_thumb_1     Seeing each other for the first time.  Whether it be at the beginning of the ceremony or ahead of time, this very special moment is one that should not be missed.  I like to make sure we discuss this in detail so that I am prepared for that wonderful photo of that first look.  If you are planning to see each other ahead of time, take a moment to think about the setting. I can help you make it special and make sure that I am in the correct position to get the shot.

fff_2     Details!  I have been getting a lot of requests for the flush mount albums.  These beautiful albums really allow my album designer to include all the wonderful details such as the rings, shoes, flowers, place cards, table details and any other special touches that go into making your wedding uniquely yours.  These details accent the other images and can really tie the album together in color and content.  Check out the Leather Craftsmen 3500 or 8500 albums, as well as the Asukabook  – all of which I carry.

fff_3    Never too old to learn something new.  Because digital photography is growing at such a rapid pace, it is every photographers responsibility to stay up on the latest trends, equipment and know what the client wants.  I will be going to Photoplus Expo in NYC in a few weeks with Rie my album designer and we plan to bring back the latest products and equipment to our studio.  We are both very excited to take a workshop on cinematography with the DSLR camera and hope to offer that along with our still photography soon.

fff_4    Off season weddings.  I used to be fairly slow during January, February and into March, but more and more couples are choosing these months to get married.  The winter months are a great time to get discounted pricing from vendors and venues and I offer the same great deal.  You can always call me or shoot me an email to see what the cost difference would be.  I love to shoot year round so don’t be afraid to have that January wedding!

fff_5      Shoot and burn.  This is a hot topic these days.  Many couples think that by asking for their images on a DVD only, they are going to get those fabulous looking final images that they can print themselves, but what you are really getting in most cases are the images at their starting point.  Skilled photographers spend a lot of time working on your photo selections to make them look like what you see in a magazine.  The DVD is great for choosing an image for a screen saver or to have an electronic catalogue of images once your web gallery comes down, but not always so for the display print or album.  Yes, it may cost more but to get that final print or albums made through me, but the difference is huge.  I am always happy to talk this through with couples and show them samples, so they can make the right decision for their needs.

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