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Bank Advertisements

  • By Beck Photography

Philadelphia local urban flower farm, Love 'N Fresh Flowers, Jennie Love, bank advertisment

This morning we were on location at a local urban flower farm in Philadelphia, shooting an ad for Valley Green Bank. Jennie Love is one of many local business people who have chosen to work and bank locally.  We also photographed MANNA, The Irish Pub, Summit Children’s Program, and Zsa’s Ice Cream Truck. When I got back to the studio, I signed into Valley Green Bank’s site to find that they have featured many of the ads we have shot over the past several years, on their newly redesigned website.  It is really exciting to me that so many businesses choose to bank locally and it felt good to be reminded that I have gotten to know all these people through our time together on the shoot.  Many have become businesses I now frequent as a result of these connections.  Click here to see more.

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