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A few of my favorite things……

….. from 2009

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As I gear up for the start of the busy wedding season for 2010, I look back at my wedding images from the past year.  I pick out  a few images that I  have either loved from the minute I made the first edit or ones that grab me now that the weddings are over.  I am usually taken by the memory of what was going on when the image was made or by some quality of light or mood it now evokes.  I wanted to share some of these and also tell you about why the are a few of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Emily and Judah had a wonderful wedding at The College of Physicians.  They we joyful and full of love from the minute they arrived.  I shot B&W film for them and this image made at the end of the wedding reminds me of shooting available light at concerts when I was in college.

favorites emily portrait copy

I just love the look of this quiet moment.


The first time a mom sees her daughter in her wedding dress is always emotional.  I love to looks on both Emily and her mom, Jennifer’s faces.


Sara was my first bride in early January 2009 (so early my copyright still says 2008!) and our plan was to take formals on the art museum steps.  I love to use available light for formals when ever possible.  It is so flattering. But, it was about 5 degrees and once we arrived on the steps, we couldn’t feel our fingers!  Sara is such a beautiful bride that I knew I was going to be OK no matter where I photographed her.  We went to Cescaphe Ballroom and found the most beautiful window light.  Perfect fit – a beautiful bride in beautiful available light!


What can I say?  Sara and Shawn were so happy after they got married and I love that Shawn’s buddy got out of his seat to say congrats. I often find myself smiling behind the camera as I am taking these kinds of pictures.


I must say that this is one of my favorites and I have to give credit to my second photographer Debi Parker Keating. I laugh every time I see this image. Debi has moved on to Washington DC and I miss working with her. Thanks Debi,  for all your great work while you were in Philly.


Many wedding photographers second shoot for each other and it is a tremendous opportunity to push yourself and learn from others.  Since the main shooter is focused on the formals and working with the bride and groom, I can look for the fabulous light and other moments.  I shot this while working with Heather Fowler.


Jen is a commercial client of mine at Abington Memorial Hospital and I was so honored when she and Chris asked me to photograph their wedding.  I love the joy of the tender kiss on the cheek in this shot, both from Jen and Chris, but also from the guests.

kat_and_matt-435 copy

OK, this one just makes me laugh!  Kat, a teacher, and Matt were married on a Thursday and that made me love them right away because I was married on a Thursday and my husband is a teacher!  I have another Thursday wedding this season and I think it is great that brides are now looking past Saturday to choose a date.


I saw the light on the wall while I was shooting Kat and Matt to the right of this scene.  This is not the kind of shot you can plan on ahead of time.  Photography is loosely defined as an image created when light falls on a surface.  I am constantly looking for the nice light when I am shooting.  I consider this to be one of those successful accidents!

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