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Tom Sugrue – Historian, Author, Critic and my friend!


I have had the pleasure of photographing Tom Sugrue several times for the press and most recently for his last 2 books Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle For Civil Rights in the North and Not Even Past: Barak Obama and the Burden of Race.  Tom and I became acquainted in the 90’s while serving on the Board of Directors of West Mt. Airy Neighbors, where I followed his presidency as the 5th female President of the then 40 year old organization. I admire Tom for his accomplishments as a historian, his wonderful writings and research, but mostly as my friend! You can read more about Tom and his work on his website.

When I photographed Tom for his most recent book, I decided to get out of the studio and show him in a natural setting, with the wonderful wissahickon schist stone we Mt. Airyites enjoy as part of our homes and environment.

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