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The First Dance


3 minutes is about the average time a photographer has to shoot the first dance, that very important event that brides, grooms and photographers want to capture.  That really isn’t very long is it? And, if your venue has a wonderful balcony where I could position myself to get that beautiful wide shot showing the bride and groom dancing, the guests watching and the fabulous surroundings of the reception room, who is going to get the emotional close up moment of the new couple?  Of course you want both shots!! This is why it is so important to me, to bring along a second photographer who knows what they are doing.  I work with a small group of second shooters who could very well hold there own at a wedding and when the opportunity arises, I will ask another professional wedding photographer to work with me.  Of course, I love it when I find I have a rare free weekend and can help second shoot for them as well.  I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot twice recently for my good friend and fellow photographer Rebecca Barger. Not only is it wonderful for me to work with another full time professional photographer, either on my wedding or theirs, but it is loads of fun and the clients love the fact that they have 2 seasoned wedding shooters covering their special day.  You may just be lucky enough to book a wedding with me where Rebecca can come along!

I shot the image above from the floor at Cescaphe Ballroom while Rebecca was up in the balcony getting the wider shot of the couple dancing and the room.  You can see Rebecca’s shot on her blog.

The Franklin Institute is classic Philadelphia and combining the architecture in wedding photographs is so natural.  I was shooting with a fish eye to make sure that I got the shot showing the couple in the dramatic environment of the Rotunda because I knew Rebecca was coving the dance closer up. More from this wedding on another post on Rebecca’s blog.

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