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Santa Fe Photographic Workshops – Honorable Mention!


I was beyond excited when I received an email this week that I had been selected for an honorable mention in The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Portraits competition.  Of the 3,743 submissions, 50 photographs were chosen to be part of a book PORTRAITS, an A&I Studios book, and be featured on Aline Smithson’s Lenscratch Blogzine.  Jurors Aline Smithson (Lenscratch) , Amber Terranova (Photo Editor, Photo District News), Andrew Smith (Owner, Andrew Smith Gallery), and Reid Callanan (Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops) reviewed this body of inspiring interpretations of a portrait. I was hoping to win the top prize of a free workshop with the likes of Keith Carter, Joyce Tenneson, Sam Abell and Joe McNally. I didn’t.

More important to me though, is sharing with you, this image of my dear 87 year old friend Maria, the mother of my best friend.  I took this photo on the day my friend made the decision to stop all intervening treatments to prolong her mother’s life.  We brought her home from the hospital and all sat around my friends farm in the late afternoon, our “happy hour”, and quietly watched as Maria sat in her wheel chair with Tupie the chicken, gazing upwards and at peace.  Maria passed away 3 months after I took this photo.

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