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Local Alternatives


opening 7.13.12


On Friday July 13,  Local Alternatives will open at The Lightroom Gallery.  Sandra Davis, a fellow non-silver artist and a colleague of mine at The University of The Arts, selected 9 local artist working in alternative process to be part of this show.  For those of you who are familiar with and fans of my alternative process work, now is the time to expand your world and see what other artist are doing in alternative process.  Tintypes, liquid silver emulsion, wet plate collodion, encaustics, palladium and gum bichromate will all be featured in this show. I like to think of this curated show as a group of current artists who are not looking back to what was by working in a historic  process, but rather looking forward and embracing the advances of our world while keeping a physical hand in their art.   In addition to myself, other artists include Martha Madigan, Rita Bernstein, John Joyce, Leah MacDonald, Sarah VanKueren, Jason Chen, Alida Fish and Steven Alvarez.  I think this will be a fascinating show!  There will also be a closing reception on August 18 from 2-6.

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