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Jeanne and Cooper – Knowlton Mansion Wedding

  • By Beck Photography

From the minute Jeanne and Cooper walked into my studio, I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding.  Jeanne is a teacher and Cooper a musician, two professions near to my heart as I am married to a teacher and I grew up with 2 professional musicians for parents. We also share similar tastes in music and realized during our meeting that we had recently been at the same Dave Matthews concert.  They were looking for a good fit with their photographer and I was glad they decided on me. Knowlton is such a beautiful venue and I was excited to work with them in a location that always makes for wonderfully natural photos.

Jeanne used her mothers wedding dress to make the pillow for the rings.

I once again was lucky to find Rebecca Barger available to second shoot for me.  She always has an interesting view of events and her excellent use of wide angles is such a pleasure when she captures images like the one below.

A quiet moment with Cooper and his father before the wedding.

Cooper surprised his new bride when they entered the reception by singing her a Dave Matthews song, I’ll Back You Up.  There was not a dry eye in the room, including mine, as he sang to Jeanne.  You can hear Cooper singing this again in the slide show at the end of this post.

What can I say?  Jeanne and her dad had the most wonderful father daughter dance.

Cooper is a very talented young singer songwriter and I asked him if I could use a recording of him singing I’ll Back You Up for my slide show.  The music starts after the first several frames so be patient…’s worth it!

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