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Germantown High School Final Days

  • By Beck Photography

Minutes before the final bell rang on the final day of the schools 99 year history

I just finished working with a group of photographers, videographers and writers to document the final days of the 24 Philadelphia Public Schools that closed last week.  Much has been written nationally about these closures, the lack of funding and the efforts of many people and organizations to find solutions.  I’m not a writer, so I share with you some of my photos.



I came in after school hours to photograph without the kids, during these final emotional days. Germantown High School kids were heavily documented  during the last weeks.

A reflection in the trophy case of a graduating senior going on to a Division I University as a student athlete.  He helped to win many of these trophies for Germantown High School.

The old defunct darkroom with the sink piled full of junk.

A pleasant surprise to bump into Mary Lucille Miller Caruso, 87 years old, and a 1943 graduate of Germantown High School.  Here she hold her graduation photo as she tours the school for the last time.

Through the door window of an African American history classroom.

The main office at 2:34 pm.  The final minute of the final day of school.