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George + Georgette – Abington Friends Meeting Wedding

  • By Beck Photography


About 12 years ago, I moved for a brief 9 months to a wonderful neighborhood in Glenside.  My next door neighbor was Georgette and her beautiful daughter Alexandra.  After I moved back to Mt. Airy we would occasionally bump into each other, catch up and then more years would pass until the next time we met.  We would check in on how the kids were doing, our love lives and marvel at how strangely our lives in some ways were on parallel paths. Georgette called me this fall to tell me she was getting married to a fabulous man named George who coincidentally was from my neighborhood. George and Georgette – how wonderful.  They were planning a Quaker ceremony at The Abington Friends Meeting and while there is no photography during the meeting, Georgette wondered if I would come and take some pictures of them, their daughters, family and guests.  Who would have thought 12 years ago that I would be photographing Georgette on her wedding day!  I was honored and do think that there are no coincidences in life.  Congratulations George and Georgette!

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