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Featured Pinhole Photographer – May 2012


A San Diego based photographer, Chris Keeney,  contacted me a few months ago after seeing one of my pinhole images on the web. He was interested in featuring me on his pinhole website.  We chatted, I sent him some images and the next thing I knew, the feature was up!  After looking at some of the other artists Chris has featured over the years, I realized I was in good company with some whose work and books I have collected.  Martha Casanave,  Craig Barber,  Jessica Ferguson and Nancy Breslin and a few old friends such as Scott McMahon are there with me.

A few comments from CK – I recently stumbled onto Laurie’s pinhole photo of the children standing in the lake. When I looked at the photo it reminded me of our children and how they are growing up so fast now. That the past seems like a dream and who knows what the future will bring. I enjoyed her story about how she was almost arrested for being in possession of a mysterious looking object that most people would not think could create photographs. I too have been stopped by security people asking questions about what exactly I’m doing with this object that looks more like a box or coffee can than a camera. Reminding me that some of the most simply crafted devices are capable of creating amazing and inspiring artwork. 

Hammersmith and City Lines – The photo that almost got me arrested!

Hammersmith and City Lines holds a special place for me.  I made this image in a train station in London at the height of the car bomb scares around 2005. I was so engrossed in what I was doing, setting up the box so that I could get the great span of light that entered the image from the top right and making sure the people waiting for the train didn’t leave, that I failed to notice the police surrounding me. It wasn’t long before they took me away and questioned what I was doing setting up a box in a train station. I talked my way out of being arrested and only received a citation. They thought I was nuts I’m sure, and didn’t believe that I could make a picture with a note card box. Thankfully they never asked me to open it to show them how it worked, because I had already exposed the film.

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