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Mary-Helen + Tim – e-session with Douglas the Dog!


We started our session at Villanova University, where Tim works and Mary-Helen has recently completed her law degree. Douglas the Jack Russell joined us in this wonderful off the beaten track part of campus that I never knew existed.  Mary-Helen spotted this location earlier and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  A place for Douglas to run (he started the day with chasing a rabbit – how perfect for a terrier!)  and endless possibilities for photographs. Read more…



Heidi and Sean – e-session with the dogs!


Heidi and Sean wanted to do their e-session with their two adorable dogs!  As a fellow dog lover, I was of course more than happy to have a fun and laid back session right in their neighborhood.  Both dogs were so well behaved and I could really tell how much Sean and Heidi love them.  With the exception of a bit of dog hair getting on Sean’s shirt, it was perfect. Read more…